Why choose riding and arena mirrors from Jelka?

  • Our riding and arena mirrors are specifically designed for horse and rider.
  • The mirrors are superior quality and packed with contemporary design features.
  • Our mirrors are made from high-quality crystal glass so you can accurately make adjustments to your riding performance and posture.

Learn more about the benefits of riding mirrors:

You might be thinking… “Why should I use a riding mirror?”

Mirrors are a valuable training aid in dressage and showjumping because they make you, the rider, more aware of what you are doing.  Mirrors give you important visual feedback on your posture and the horse alignment during exercises.

Plus, for a trainer or coach describing adjustments to a trainee, having them look in a mirror is a great way to see what the trainer is describing.

Many people say using riding mirrors is the best way to develop a “feel” for what you are doing. Therefore your “feel” developed in training with mirrors is potentially more accurate than training without mirrors.  This puts you in a better position to perform better in competitions.

long wall arena mirror for dressage and posture
wooden frame riding hall mirror

Your riding mirror design

Our arena and riding mirrors have been carefully developed over the years by listening to equestrians in order to provide the best mirrors.

  • Suitable for use indoor and outdoor use.
  • All mirrors are made from high-quality crystal safety glass and have a comparatively high impact resistance.
  • Should a mirror break, the broken pieces stick together.  This reduces risks of injury to horses.
  • Option available for an insulated rear wall and, if required, an integrated mirror heater. The hard foam back wall and the mirror heating prevent the mirror from fogging or icing up during the winter months.
  • Frames are available in various styles, such as wood or aluminium.
  • Cleaning is simple and easy.  Just use water and commercially available cleaners.

The standard sizes of the arena mirrors including the frame are:

  • Approx. 2.12 m in height
  • Between 1.12 m and 6.12 m in width.
  • Custom size option available – just ask.

Options for your riding mirror

Mirror covers:

Mirror covers are essential in riding arenas where horses are let loose or young horses are lunged.  It’s designed to protect the horses from breaking the mirror.  The mirror cover has exceptional surface stability and very strong due to a thick rear coating that holds it together. The surface of the cover is flat and dirt-repellent.

For ease of use and practicality, the cover of the mirror is rail-guided.

The mirror cover is available in five different colours and can be operated electrically.

small riding mirror for posture adjustments

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