New Product: TOP CLEAN
Find out more about the new Top Clean mat for ground stabilisation

TOP CLEAN is a long-established high-quality product with great success in Europe.

The purpose of creating this product is to ensure horses are able to exercise properly and practise their natural behaviour.  For example, playing and rolling is not possible is muddy conditions.  Also in providing a good footing for the horses, cleaning and maintenance tasks are simpler for the owner.

What is TOP CLEAN?

A unique precision moulded plastic ground mat designed specifically for horses.

  • Designed for paddocks, feeding areas, turnout pens and trails.

  • Suitable for areas with a slope

  • Easy to self install without arranging a sub-base

  • Especially suitable for barefoot horses (and shod horses)

  • Extremely stable and durable material

  • Easy to clean (manually as well as by machinery)

  • Designed to be used with sand (washed, clean/quarried sand)

  • Size: 114 x 81 x 4,5 cm (0,92 sqm)

  • Weight: ca. 27 kg

  • Material: recycled plastic

  • Not perforated giving a large surface area that won’t sink into the mud easily

How to install TOP CLEAN:

TOP CLEAN is easy to self-install without a sub-base with little effort.  We are able to provide installation instructions.

1.    Remove a layer of the existing surface leaving a 1 to 2% slope.

2.    Break up approx 5cm deep of the scraped topsoil.

3.    Lay the mats with a 1-2cm gap between each one (the mats should imprint into the loose surface).

4.    Spread a sand footing over the mats.

If the area you are looking to cover is prone to being waterlogged or you expect to drive large tractors or vehicles over it we recommend installing a sub-base.

We have separate installation instructions for installing the product with a sub-base.

TOP CLEAN is priced and sold per mat (1 mat is equal to 0.92 sqm)

Delivery: £54 (inc VAT) per pallet (up to 40 mats per pallet)

Prices: starting from £26.40 (inc VAT) and discounts available for quantities above 120 mats.

Also please note:

  • The mats will be delivered on pallets of either 20 or 40 mats per pallet.

  • Your delivery destination needs to be suitable for a 7.5t or 18t lorry access.

  • Delivery is free in Kent, UK.

  • The current Top Clean design features small indentations in every dome for greater slip resistance.
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