Why a Solarium?

What is a solarium? A noun meaning a room or part of an establishment used especially for therapeutic exposure to light.

  • The principle behind the use of equestrian solariums is that the horse is primarily an outdoor animal.  Mostly they have a good tolerance to heat and cold whether it be seasonal or day and night.  Bone formation, muscle strength, red blood cells and normal growth are enhanced by UV rays.  Also, the immune system is improved thus resisting infectious diseases.
  • UV rays promote wound healing and create disinfection for bacteria, germs and viruses. Muscles and tendons are less stiff by the warming effect.
  • The use of an equestrian solarium provides the therapeutic benefits that are essential for the well-being, health and performance of the horse

There are three models in our range of solariums:

Available solarium range for horses

Solarium LIGHT

The solarium LIGHT model series combines several ideas into one simple solution.  Solarium LIGHT models are built on a modular design to allow you to adapt the product at any time.  Therefore you can easily adapt to your facilities, needs and budgets of the time.  Extensions of the system are possible due to the simple modular design.

All models are:

  • functional
  • economical
  • great quality
  • all operated from a simple plug-in and go control box.

Solarium DELUXE

Solarium DELUXE is more advanced than the LIGHT series as it incorporates adjustable fans to optimise air circulation.  This enables you to target areas such as the abdominal area and flanks with the specially designed nozzles.  Rising warm air is collected and guided back down towards the horse which prevents the accumulation of heat and therefore gives you a more efficient solarium.

Key Features

  • 18 silent fans each with an air output of 140m3 per hour
  • Integrated lift function that only requires four ceiling anchor points
  • Suitable for high and sloping roofs
  • Operated by a simple plug-in control box
Luxury solarium with infrared, light and fans

Solarium PREMIUM

The ultimate equestrian solarium and designed with style, high functionality and efficiency.  Combined with an advanced air circulation system, integrated lift and colour therapy the PREMIUM is the professionals choice.

Air Circulation

16 silent fans circulates heat evenly round the horse whilst vents absorb accumulated heat that can be redirected back towards the horse via integrated adjustable nozzles.  The horse’s entire body is soothingly heat treated to give you the best results.

Operating Lift

Integrated into the system, the PREMIUM is equipped with 7 metre safety belts that can be attached via 4 breakpoints to any ceiling, be it sloping, short or tall.  Therefore unidirectional panning is possible with options for one sided therapy too.

Colour Therapy

6 selectable colours can be used in light therapy treatments to promote the general well-being of the horse.  Depending on the colour, different parts of the body systems can be activated via light.

Solarium Control Box

All solariums are supplied with a fully wired control box which has the following features:

  • Three switching options for variable warming and drying sessions.
  • Fan circuit with two stage facility.
  • Lateral swivelling provided by double lift control.
  • 30 minute mechanical timer.
  • Three additional input fuses.
  • Five relay switches for protection of the system.

The optional ELECTRONIC COIN MACHINE suppled with each equestrian solarium uses a high quality electronic coin counter which can be set to validate coins of different currencies of the operator’s choice. Other features are:

  • Large display window to show time remaining.
  • Session can be extended by introducing more coins.
  • Counter giving total of operating hours and coins used.
easy to use solarium control box