Grounds Maintenance Equipment For Equestrian Facilities

Explore Jelka’s grounds maintenance equipment specifically designed for equestrian use.

Equipment that is simple to operate but built to last and meet your budget.

A large product range available suitable for ATV’s, quad bikes and tractors.

Equipment Available







Mowers, Flails and Toppers

Our range of mowing and grass cutting equipment is suitable for ATV’s, quad bikes and tractors.  All our cutting equipment is carefully designed and continues to be improved because we listen to customer feedback.

  • The equipment is simple and very easy to use by yourself.
  • Spare parts and service plans are always available
  • We can advise and demonstrate products if you require.
  • Or, ask us about part exchange, hire, lease/rental of our machines.

ATV Flail 120

  • 15hp mounted engine allowing you to use an ATV
  • easily cuts tough vegetation with its durable build and sturdy hammer flails
  • rear flap designed to prevent accumulation of grass, therefore saving fuel and belt wear

Park Mower 180

  • mounted to 3 point linkage and PTO with 1.8 metre working width for larger areas
  • simple but durable construction means easy cleaning, maintenance and long service life
  • 4 pivoting wheels allows you to evenly cut close to the ground

Tractor Flail 145

  • tractor mounted 3 point linkage and PTO
  • suitable for cutting areas with tough vegetation
  • integrated support roller and skids for reliable adjustment of cutting height

ATV Front Flail

  • minimise grass compaction from machinery tyres
  • front mounted and therefore very easy to see what you are cutting
  • specifically adapted for ATV use
  • tough Y flails to break up grass and brushwood

ATV Mower XL 150

  • heavy duty flail mower for ATV’s with 23hp engine
  • robust chassis and dual tyres ideal in tough and uneven terrain
  • adjustable rear flap to prevent grass accumulation so you can move faster and prevent unnecessary wear

Grassland and Paddock Harrows

Did you know that harrowing your arena regularly improves the surface condition and material longevity? Not only that, but it is also vital paddocks and grasslands are harrowed at least once a year to promote healthy grass growth.

  • Harrows suitable for arena’s, grassland and paddocks.
  • Simple and very easy to use equipment for ATV’s, Quad bikes and tractors.
  • Spare parts, servicing and product demonstrations are available
  • Or, thinking about part exchange, hire or lease/rental of a harrow? Contact us.

Harrow Mat

  • reversible harrow mat ideal for soft surfaces such as arenas and grassland
  • helps to level out arena and grass surfaces
  • most affordable harrow, easy to use with very little maintenance

Paddock Harrow

  • crossboard, 2 rows of harrows and roller as standard
  • easily adjustable to suit your desired level of finish
  • simple to use and maintain

Grass Harrow

  • large grassland harrow with hydraulically folding sides for transport
  • reversible for gentle or aggressive cultivation and aeration of soils
  • durable design and construction to withstand strain of use

Yard Levellers and Dozer Blades

Are you finding driveway potholes difficult to fill in or seeing surface compaction from vehicles and lorries? Take a look at these levellers and dozer blades for your equestrian facility.

  • Strong, simple and very easy to operate equipment for tractors and some ATV/quad bike options.
  • As always, spare parts and service plans are always available.
  • A quick and easy way for you to keep yard loose surfaces looking fresh and fill in the potholes with the surface levellers.
  • Effectively clear snow in wintertime with our tractor mounted dozer bladers.

Road Drag

  • very strong simple leveler with a 2 metre working width
  • fitted with tractor 3 point linkage
  • completely adjustable for your particular surface

Dozer Blade

  • hydraulically adjustable to suit snow or loose surfaces
  • flat or toothed reversible blade
  • designed and constructed to high quality specifications

Fertiliser, Salt and Seed Spreaders

Maybe you need to reseed a paddock this year? Maybe fertilize the grasslands too? Oh, and salt the driveway in winter too? Explore these spreaders to find a fit for your facility.

  • Affordable and simple equipment designed for equestrian use.
  • 3 in 1 equipment: seeding, fertilising and salt spreading.  Keep your costs low.
  • Don’t forget, spare parts, advice and service plans always available.  Just ask.
  • Contact us about part exchange, lease, rental/hire.

ATV Spreader

  • fitted at the front or rear of an ATV
  • 12v electric motor drives the spreading disk
  • easy mechanical adjustments of spreading quantity
  • weather protective cover included
  • affordable and easy to maintain

Tractor Spreader 650

  • mounted to 3 point linkage and PTO with 6 to 14 metre working width
  • durable galvanised 650kg capacity hopper
  • simple and easy to operate and maintain

ATV Tow Spreader

  • towable by and ATV as the spreader is driven by the wheels turning
  • 160 litre hopper for salt, fertiliser and seeds
  • accurate spreading quantity adjustments are easy

Multi-purpose Trailers

There’s always something you need a trailer for!

  • Tough built, simple but easy to use trailers for tractors, ATV’s and quad bikes.
  • Various load capacity trailers from 500kg to 8 tonnes.
  • Multi-purpose equestrian trailers ideal for carting muck, bales, feed and more.
  • Spare parts and service plans always available.
  • Ask us about part exchange, lease, hire/rental.

500kg Tipper Trailer

  • high 500kg loading capacity and large enough for a euro pallet
  • galvanised tread plate and large tyres for good ground clearance
  • ideal for carting feed buckets, hay, straw and logs around a large area
  • height extensions available

1.5t Tipper Trailer

  • extremely strong construction with galvanised frame and bed
  • sturdy dual wheels giving you good ground clearance
  • detachable sides and tailgate for multiple uses
  • great trailer for carting bedding, hay, manure, tools and much more

2.5t Tipper Trailer

  • hydraulic tipping 2.5t trailer with sides
  • ideal for carting manure, bedding, hay and more
  • trailer can be accessed from 3 sides
  • extensions easily available

Other Equipment

There are many more products available from Jelka – if you don’t see what you are looking for, get in touch here.