Why choose our Blanket Dryers?

  • only known electrically heated horse blanket dryer
  • energy saving technology with every dryer
  • folding bracket saves space in the tack room or stable walkway

Key Features

  • Fast, gentle drying that slows down rapid multiplication of germs
  • Also suitable for drying other items of riding equipment
  • made from solid, durable materials and extremely low maintenance
  • Very space-saving due to a hinged bracket that allows the dryer to be folded
  • Reliable and energy-saving

How does the blanket dryer work?

Dryers can be installed in sets but as each dryer works independently so any number of horse blanket dryers can be installed and in different locations. The drying time can be set individually using a timer.

The horse blanket dryer has two powerful fans that draw cold air from the outside into a pressure chamber. There the air is heated and then passed through the large dryer tube. This horse blanket dryer uses the movement of warm air through a series of stainless steel tubes and outlets whereby moisture from the horse blanket is transported away.  In our opinion this process makes it the most efficient and energy-saving blanket dryer.