Horslyx balancers provide a simple feed solution for use in the field and stable, bringing a host of advantages!

  • Additional balancers are rarely needed as many horses can thrive on a diet of Horslyx and forage only.
  • Licking is good for equines that are stabled for long periods of time as it takes patience and time and reduces boredom and stress.
  • Saliva production is improved by licking and this helps the digestive system.
  • Licking Horslyx balancers are great for older equines who have difficulty eating hard feed because of poor teeth.
  • Low starch content in Horslyx balancers makes the licks better suited to horses that react unfavourably to diets that are cereal-based.
  • A full range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is included in the Horslyx balancer package to maintain the high specification expected of the product.

Original Balancer

  • Includes nutrients that are deficient in forage or grass providing a diet that helps to keep horses healthy.
  • Original balancer is cost-effective and low in starch, being suitable for all horses, including those at rest that may require a low-calorie diet, and also for sport horses requiring additional supplements to support a high standard of performance.
  • Original balancer allows owners to encourage natural feeding patterns, but at the same time provides a nutritionally balanced diet to maintain the best health and condition of the horse.
Chloe Pearson

They are now out in the field being enjoyed by all the youngsters!!

Horslyx 80kg original balancer

Mint Balancer

  • This balancer includes a peppermint flavour which is cool and refreshing.
  • Also includes the necessary balance of nutrients to be expected from this top quality range of products, maintaining the heathy condition of the horse.
  • Can be given to competition and leisure equines, whether in the field or stable.
  • Is also suitable for equines susceptible to laminitis. There are specific feeding guidelines for this condition available on request.

Garlic Balancer

  • Pure garlic oil is the effective ingredient of this balancer helping to combat the problem of biting insects naturally and effectively.
  • Two independent studies have proved that horses provided with Garlic Balancer are less irritable, reducing the number of times a horse has to alleviate the irritation.
  • Further details of these studies could be obtained on request.

Mobility Balancer

  • The maintenance of healthy joints of all breeds and ages of horses is essential.
  • This balancer is suitable for the performance horse requiring support for joints put to hard work, or for older animals where a wear and tear over the years can be prevented.
  • As with the Garlic Balancer independent research has found that this Mobility Balancer helped to reduce stiffness of joints in horses that were clinically healthy providing flexibility and ease of movement.
  • Details of this research is available on request.

Respiratory Balancer

  • A healthy respiratory system is essential, providing a performance second to none for all horses whether competition or leisure.
  • Ingredients in this balancer include menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed, all of which support healthy airways, and provide a level of immunity from infection.
  • Healthy breathing is encouraged by licking this balancer, and enhances the performance of the horse.

Pro Digest Balancer

  • This balancer includes ingredients that will help the digestive system from the stomach to the hindgut.
  • Stomach acidity is reduced by the production of saliva when licking.
  • Slippery Elm and Seaweed Meal are also included to provide a source of mucilage.
  • A Prebiotic fibre and live Probiotic yeast are added to help to prevent digestive disorders in the hindgut.
  • Increased magnesium levels and low starch content are beneficial to horses susceptible to digestive upsets