Innovative Horse Armour To Care For Your Greatest Treasure

Iron Horse Protective Armour

A brand new innovative horse garment now available in the UK from Jelka.  Care for your greatest treasure with Iron Horse Equine Armour.

Introduction to Iron Horse

The Iron Horse concept was born by Elena Bajona, an equine Behaviorist & Therapist specializing in horse welfare. She found there was no specific protection solution for horses in transport.

Long trips are often risky for horses as they often suffer physical trauma of some kind.  Iron Horse is an innovative way to protect the horses from injuries. Elena Bajona designed a custom-made equine armour to solve this. The result is a high-tech garment never seen before on the market.

The goal of the armour garment is to protect horses from injury when travelling by plane, trailer and other necessary means.

The Equine Armor Iron Horse is also essential the post-operative comfort and protection for horses as they recover from anaesthesia. The superior shockproof properties are also ideal for the rehabilitation of horses with neurological problems and behavioural issues.

Elena Bajona, the project creator.
“Nowadays more and more prestigious horses travel by plane all over the world and often they undergo trauma of all sorts, despite sedation. Even during ground transportation, horses often arrive at their destination with major physical damages.”

Further Information

The Iron Horse kit contains protective and shockproof armour for the horses head, body and legs. Single components can be bought singularly.

Iron Horse is made with high-quality materials and handmade entirely in Italy. The armour is able to absorb intense levels of shock and impact yet it still enables the horse to move naturally.

Available in three sizes (Small-Medium and Large) and customisation of colours and style are possible. Or, you can simply ask for the size of your horse if you prefer an exact fit.

The garment production company is a family business of traditional craftsmen specialized in high tech fabrics and products since 1967. Their artisan methods ensures meticulous finishing details.

Elena Bajona
“I have experienced many situations with horses banging their head or falling
heavily on the floor for many different reasons, and major damages could have been
avoided with this armour.”