Komfortex Surfacing Systems Introduction:

Komfortex surfacing systems is a unique, high-quality rubber granulate surfacing system for horse facilities.

  • Komfortex surfacing systems are specially designed, tested and manufactured for the equestrian industry.
  • The Komfortex system is frost-proof, urine resistant, weather-resistant and permeable to water for easy drainage.
  • Komfortex is made only from recycled high-density rubber and binder.

All products go through a significant quality and testing procedures.

Exploded view of water permeable H block pieces

Where to use Komfortex surfacing systems?

  • Ideal for all kinds of outdoor paddocks, open areas, free-running stables and huts. 
  • Wash bays.
  • Stable walkways.
  • Critical places (such as teaching areas) and areas with steeper slopes.
  • Stable and yard entrances.
  • Horse walkers.
  • Turn out pens.

Advantages & Properties

  • Approved quality by DLG Fokus test
  • Surface softness and elasticity improve surface grip and boosts horse and rider confidence
  • Proven slip resistance helps prevent injuries to horses and riders
  • Its impact absorption properties are extremely joint-gentle
  • Extremely hardwearing to nearly all types of shoeing
  • High dimensional stability due to a unique connection system
  • Highly insulating, weatherproof and frost proof
  • The rubber easily absorb sound making the stable atmosphere much quieter
  • Long-term resistance to urine
  • Non-toxic recycled rubber that is TUV-tested
  • Quick drainage of liquids for safety
  • Various shapes and colours are available for design variety

Current Colours Available


The rubber granulate elastic slabs have excellent drainage properties. The subsurface below them (in particular bounded base layers) must therefore provide sufficient drainage as well.

Paved surfaces (such as concrete or asphalt) must be level with a slope of approx. 2% and have adequate take off drains.  Any depressions greater than 3 mm in depth which can collect water must be levelled off with suitable materials. 

As detailed above, sometimes the surface requires preparation.  The actual laying of the surface is very simple and anyone can do it.  Every project is treated as unique whether it’s big or small.  We will always come and survey your project before installation to ensure you receive a seamless project delivery from start to finish.

Installation guides are available on request.

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