Jelka Projects

Innovative Horse Armour To Care For Your Greatest Treasure
A brand new innovative horse garment now available in the UK from Jelka.  Care for your greatest treasure with Iron Horse Equine Armour. The Iron Horse concept was born by Elena Bajona, an equine Behaviorist & Therapist specializing in horse...
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Field with hay bales
Haylage or Hay Debate – What You Need To Know
Ever wondered what is the real difference between haylage and hay? After all they are both grass and maybe smell a little different but what is the difference? Horses require forage all year round but grass growth is seasonal and...
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5 new Haybars for StudUKEuro
5 New Haybars for StudUkEuro
5 New Haybars for StudUkEuro Giving your horse quality hay is one challenge but in some ways getting them to eat food in the right way is just as important.  A horse’s natural feeding position is from the floor and...
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new gallop rail for canter track at springhill dressage
New Gallop Rail Fencing For Canter Track
New Gallop Rail For Canter Track UK Jelka is pleased to have completed a project at Springhill Dressage UK, and, importantly to budget.  We provided new gallop rail fencing to a canter track in order to improve the safety for...
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