The Activestable Concept:

If the responsible horse owner wants to provide natural accommodation for horses it is not easily possible without the Activestable concept.  Of course, traditional stabling still has its place in horse keeping however the Activestable emulates natural living conditions significantly better.

Carefully planning the Activestable environment allows horses to be kept in groups to enable social contact and provide a structured, spacious area to roam and exercise appropriately.  Furthermore, access around the Activestable can be granted day and night. 

Dividing the Activestable into categories encourages exercise for the horses:

  1. Rest and relaxation area
  2. Forage feeding area
  3. Feeding station for concentrates/minerals
  4. Automated water supply
  5. Paths/trails with various ground coverings
  6. Rolling and play area

Who is Activestable for?

The Activstable concept is for people who look for better horse keeping solutions for themselves and their horses.

Horse owners that come to us have a strong sense of how to keep horses appropriately.  In particular, farmers, private horse owners, riding schools, livery yards, polo clubs and horse breeders are particularly interested in operating the Activstable system.

Together with these people, we develop group horse husbandry for the good of horse and man.

Jelka is your UK consultant and exclusive distributor for HIT Activstable (HIT, Heinrich Innovation & Technology, is the founder of the Activestable concept)

Benefits of the Activestable:

For the horses:

  • Increased social interaction
  • 10x more daily exercise
  • Mental enrichment
  • Individualised feeding
  • High welfare environment

For the owner:

  • Natural ownership
  • Time and labour saving
  • Fulfilling welfare regulations
  • Endless possibility for creativity
  • Controlled automatic feeding

Activestable Products

Automatic feeding systems individualise every feed ration (by time or horse) every hour of the day.  For large or small groups it is easy to tailor for the needs of every horse with our range of feeding systems.  Every automated feeder in the Activestable is controlled by a user-friendly main feeding computer and remote access via PC or smartphone is possible.  There are also non-automated feed systems available.

Feeding stations positioned correctly results in increased physical activity by the horses as they move between locations.

The series of feeding stations each offer different features such as:

  • Gate selection system to allow specific horses access to pastures or VIP areas (especially older horses).
  • Concentrate feed/minerals or forage or both.

Create comfortable, durable and efficient flooring systems with carefully designed mats and grids.  Natural behaviour in horses is restricted in muddy conditions and maintenance and cleaning becomes difficult for the owner.

The range of ground stabilisation products for the Activestable is ideal for:

  • Feeding areas
  • Trails
  • Paddocks
  • Walkways
  • Arenas

Read our blog about Top Clean ground mats.

Soft horse beds developed for the Activestable provide superior comfort and protection for resting horses.  Specifically designed for use with minimal bedding materials and are therefore very easy to clean.

Activestable beds and mattresses are designed to be:

  • Soft for the horses to rest
  • Extremely durable to withstand daily use.
  • Easy to clean (even by machine).
  • High anti-slip for horses getting up and down.

Ensure every horse has adequate access to fresh drinking water.  Minimise the risk of your horses dehydrating in weather extremes with insulated troughs.

  • Trough mechanism promotes free drinking (no valves to press)
  • Insulated to cope with hot and cold weather extremes