Equestrian Rubber Flooring

Overview of rubber matting for stables, walkways, horse walkers, wash bays and other areas of the horse facility. 

Rubber products in equine facilities can bring real benefits to both horse and owner.  Primarily the role of rubber products is to reduce the risk of injury to horses, increase horse comfort and make your facility a safer place to work.  Rubber is a long term investment and we expect all our products to remain functional for many years.

Stable Rubber Wash Bay Rubber Horse Walker Rubber Walkway Rubber Other Rubber Products

Why choose Jelka for rubber flooring?

  • Our equestrian rubber matting range is specifically designed for horses. 

  • We offer rubber products for every application at horse facilities and farms.

  • We offer an innovative and high-quality rubber range to suit all.

  • We offer a full fitting service for all our rubber matting.  

  • All our products have been subject to in house and external testing in the real environment.

  • Jelka is experts in equestrian rubber matting and flooring for equine facilities.

Stable Rubber

  • Reduces necessary bedding quantity and therefore lowers cost of bedding materials.

  • Less bedding is time-saving when mucking out.

  • Rubber insulates from the cold and helps regulate the stable temperature.  This is particularly beneficial for horses with short coats.

  • Soft rubber is slip-resistant and softness helps prevent injury to the horses legs and body, encouraging the horses to be more relaxed.

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Stable Bonded

Natural rubber sheets bonded and sealed together to create a highly durable and seamless surface.

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Stable Puzzle

Square and lightweight natural rubber mats with tight interlocking edges for stables.  

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Comfortstall is the ultimate fully sealed, hygienic and cushioned surface for stables.

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Stable Standard

Natural rubber designed for loose laying in the stable.  Ideal as a short to medium term solution.

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Do you have a project involving listed buildings? Get in touch as we have alternative products that may be suitable for you.

Walkway Rubber

  • High grip surface gives horses, riders and stable grooms confidence.

  • Highly suitable for inside and outside environments.

  • Rubber absorbs sounds making the stable a quieter place.

  • Easy to keep clean and relatively maintenance-free.

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Extremely tough, stable and hardwearing granular rubber slabs.

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Part of the Komfortex range and designed in a single block shape.

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Puzzle Mat

Natural rubber mats with interlocking edges designed for high traffic areas.

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Horse walker Rubber

  • All products suitable for both round and oval horse walkers

  • Reduce wear on horse shoes

  • High grip surface gives the horses confidence

  • Shock absorption reduces stress on tendons and joints

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Rubber Tile

Extremely tough and slip resistant rubber tile with high absorption properties.

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Extremely durable and versatile product designed for high traffic horse walkers.

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Custom Mat

Natural rubber mats with interlocking edges designed for DIY installations.

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Wash Bay Rubber

  • Suitable rubber for indoor and outdoor wash bay areas

  • Allows quick drainage of surface water

  • High grip surface in wet conditions

  • Rubber suitable for a wash/solarium combination

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High grip, porous and aesthetic design makes komfortex a great wash bay floor.

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H Paver

Extremely versatile for indoor and outdoor washbays.  Slip resistant and quick draining.

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Puzzle Mat

Semi porous and high grip natural rubber interlocking tiles.

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Other Rubber Products

Other areas of the facility could also benefit from using rubber products:

  • Outdoor turnout pens

  • Stable wall matting

  • Parade Rings

  • Arena Bordering 

  • Edging Profiles

  • Softborders

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Wall PRO

Soft wall protection for stables and horse walkers.

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Turnout Pen

Komfortex for safe turnout flooring.

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Flexible rubber border for open areas.

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Arena Border

Specially designed arena bordering system.

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