HIT Active Stable

"the future of horse keeping"

What is HIT Active Stable?

A horse housing system based on horses' social and welfare needs

Use of technology for 24/7 feed and water management

Sustainable use and management of the environment

What are the benefits of the HIT Active Stable?

Increased social interaction and environmental enrichment improves mental well being and builds social awareness.

Individual diet and weight management is easy with feeding technology and reduces likelihood of illnesses such as colic and laminitis.

Horses exercise themselves 10x more, travelling up to 12 miles over a 24 hour period.  Increased movement builds muscle and bone structure

In a well designed HIT Active Stable you save time completing daily tasks such as mucking out and feeding.  This directly makes your business more efficient and profitable.

How does HIT Active Stable meet the needs of horses?

Feed & Water

One of the biggest drivers of horse behaviour, here's how we can manage nutritional needs of horses:

Automatic water drinkers

Fresh drinking water is available all the time.  Insulated against the cold.

Automatic feeding systems

The most accurate and individualised feeding method of horses.

Manual feeding systems

Basic feeding system but does not restrict forage intakes.

Rest & Relax

Resting is important for horses daily cycle including REM sleep.  We can optimise shelters and flooring to achieve this easily:

The right flooring

Comfortable flooring is a must and will encourage the horses to lie down.


House the entire herd

Natural shelter

Generate natural shelter spots

Outdoor space & Trails

Constant foraging is natural to horses so here's how we can provide a year round surface suited to horses behaviour:

Ground stabilisation

Year round surface is critical

Trail systems

Promote exercise 

Rolling areas

Horses love a roll

A change in thinking about horse care today

Many forward thinking horse owners question traditional methods of horse keeping as being unnatural and not species appropriate.  This has prompted a change in thinking about horse care.

Where traditional stabling may still be necessary for high value/ill/injured horses, technology from HIT Active Stable can be incorporated to meet feeding and social needs.

Horse owners look to the HIT Active Stable to provide horses with appropriate living conditions that comply with laws, cause less work, environmentally sustainable and cost-efficient in the long term. Over the last twenty years, over 1000 HIT Active Stables have been planned and built adding to a growing number of very satisfied HIT Active Stable operators, clearly illustrating the quality and excellence of the HIT Active Stable.

The HIT Active Stable concept was founded in 2000 by Thorsten Hinrichs. He firmly believed that horses should live in an environment close to natural conditions and this rapidly progressed the concept development.

Hinrichs proves through scientific knowledge and findings that when managed correctly, natural horse keeping in a herd environment separated into functional areas is the most appropriate method of horse keeping.

Jelka shares the vision for the future and we are your UK HIT Active Stable consultants.  We work very closely with HIT as an exclusive partner and distributor for HIT Active Stable products.

Lets talk about HIT Active Stable

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