Ground Mats and Grids

Stabilise ground in mud prone areas such as gateways and walkways.

Mud restricts the natural behaviour of horses so stabilising the ground in high traffic areas with grids or mats prevents the accumulation of mud which sometimes results in areas being unpassable.  Our ground mats and grids also feature in our Activestable range.

Ground Mats

Ground mats are used for areas where it is important that the surface is mud free, slip-resistant and easy to keep clean (even by machine).

The following ground mats have been specifically designed for equestrian use and extensively tested and proven.  

Ground mats for feeding areas, slopes and trails

Top Clean

Why called "Top Clean"? The mats keep the mud below and the top clean!

The surface is designed to allow maximum contact area with the hoof for stability and grip and excess liquids are free to drain in the direction of the gradient (1-2%).  The large contact area also allows for mechanical cleaning and support the weight of machinery.

Top Clean Special Feature: Suitable for installation without a sub-base (conditions apply).

Size: 1140 x 810 x 45 mm (0.92 sqm)
Material: recycled plastic - highly stable and durable
Weight: 27kg per mat

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Mud Free

Walkways, gateways, feeding areas, paddocks and trails


Suitable for barefoot and shod horses


Use a level covering of sand for best results


Fast mechanical cleaning possible for efficiency


Compliant with EU soil protection: App No. H120040

Mountain Trail

Stabilise ground and increase slip resistance in steep trails.

Designed to catch and release water back into the sand surface and drain excess through perforations.  This is particularly useful for arenas, lunge pens, turnout pens and schools.

Mountain Trail Special Feature: High stability and flex on steep gradients

Size: 1210 x 805 x 40 mm (0.97 sqm)

Weight: 20kg

Material: recycled plastic - highly stable and durable

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Steep slopes and trails. Base for arenas, canter tracks, lunge pens etc


Fast drainage of excess liquids and water cups to rehydrate sand surface


Use different depths of sand depending on use


Compliant with EU soil protection: App No. H120040


Fast mechanical cleaning possible for efficiency


A lightweight plastic grid for permanent ground stabilisation in horse paddocks, walkways, gateways and trails with a sand surface and slope.  Also suitable as a stabiliser for arena footings.

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Grass mat ideal as a lightweight, moveable ground mat

Ring Mats

Ring mats are an ideal ground stabilisation product where you might need to move the mats frequently.  They are especially useful for moveable field shelters.  

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