Why is rubber a great flooring material for equine facilities?

What to look out for when doing your research

Why is rubber a great flooring material for areas around your equine facility?  

What might seem like a luxury, rubber flooring should be standard in equine facilities to minimise the risk of injury to you and your horses.  Here are 3 reasons why rubber flooring can transform your equine facility:

1. Rubber has superior slip-resistant properties

In comparison to concrete and other flooring materials rubber offers considerably more slip resistance to you and your horses.  This includes wet and dry conditions and for shod and barefoot horses.

Why is slip resistance important?

  • In areas where horses are known to make tight turns such as into stables and in wash bays, the rubber will significantly reduce the risk of slipping.
  • Working areas such as tack up and wash down areas it is rare for the horses to stand completely still, especially youngsters.  Rubber improves sure-footedness and the horses tend to be calmer.
  • Wet areas such as wash bays can become very slippery.  The right rubber floor will increase slip resistance which reduces the risk of slipping.

2. Rubber is recyclable

When rubber is manufactured from a traceable source of origin it is highly likely the material can be recycled several times.  It is very important that the source of origin is known including the components within the rubber to ensure that a safe product can continue to be made.

Why is recycling rubber important?

  • Reduce global demand for new rubber products and reuse existing materials.
  • Recycled rubber products often result in an extremely strong and durable product that is safe for horses.  New rubber often has to be reinforced to be durable enough for equine flooring.

3. Rubber is durable and resilient

High-quality rubber will hold its dimensions (within a stated tolerance) and remain durable for a long time.  Depending on components and the individual manufacturer, a high-quality floor will expand and contract a very small amount but not enough to cause damage to the flooring or impact its intended purpose. 

Why is quality important for the durability of rubber?

  • A high-quality rubber will remain functional for many more years compared to a lower-grade material.  This is because the rubber flooring is able to withstand pressure and wear over time.
  • A durable floor will remain safer for longer as it maintains its intended properties for a longer period of time.

What are the most important points to consider with rubber flooring materials?

  • Compliance - industry standards for animal welfare set out requirements for equine facilities.
  • Traceable source of origin for the rubber - it is important to know how the rubber flooring is manufactured and therefore is specifically suited to the horses' environment
  • Evidence of slip resistance testing - this is a measurable factor of the rubber flooring.

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