Benefits of Rubber Horse Walker Flooring

Jelka SURE Floor H Block used in a large horsewalker

Here are some surprising benefits of rubber flooring for a horse walker:

A horse walker is an essential piece of equipment for any horse facility where anyone can easily exercise horses in a relatively calm and controlled way.  Over the years the flooring will slowly deteriorate due to the constant use by horses using the walker day in day out.  Sometimes this becomes hazardous and there is a high risk of the horses slipping or tripping on the surface.

Here are some benefits of using rubber flooring in horse walkers:

  • Rubber offers superior grip for the horses and therefore boosts confidence.
  • Rubber absorbs the shock and impact of the hooves and reduces stress on tendons and joints.
  • Costs can be saved by extending the time between reshoeing horses as the rubber absorbs impact and extends the lifespan of shoes.
  • Cleaning is quicker and easier with the correct type of flooring.

What rubber flooring should I use for my horse walker?

Rubber crumb – this is a granular type rubber compressed into a shape and tends to be very popular due to its durability.

Bonded matting – rubber sheets cut to fit the horse walker shape and bonded to the floor.

Unbonded matting – rubber that is cut to fit and placed in the walker with no adhesive.

Puzzle matting – rubber sheets (often square) with puzzle edges that interlock together.

Are you looking for advice on flooring for your horse walker?