HIT Active-Aqua 
A highly efficient sub surface arena irrigation system

Consistently irrigated riding surfaces

How does HIT Active-Aqua work?

The HIT Active-Aqua arena irrigation system uses dripline technology with an integrated diaphragm valve system which opens and closes based on water pressure. The valves are also self-cleaning which prevents any sand particles from blocking the drip system.  

The water reaches the surface by the capillary motion through the sand. 

Protective Grid
The driplines are protected by a specifically designed plastic grid which also adds a slight "springiness" to the arena surface.

Computer Control
The entire system is controlled by a single computer and can be scheduled to irrigate according to your requirements.

How the HIT Active Aqua system works - grid and drip lines

Benefits of HIT Active-Aqua

Improved Ride

With consistent surface footing


Moisture control throughout the entire surface


Up to 40% compared to overland systems such as sprinklers


For indoor and outdoor arenas


Any shape and size arena new or retrospect

Time Saving

The surface is fully useable all the time even when irrigating

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HIT Active-Aqua FAQ
How does the dripline system work?

The dripline technology is patented and unlike traditional dripline systems.  Active-Aqua driplines have an integrated diaphragm valve system which opens and closes depending on water pressure.  The valves are also self-cleaning which prevents any sand particles blocking the drip system.

How many drippers are needed per square metre?

Approximately 13-15 per square metre.

When does the system need to run?

This depends on the following:

  • indoor or outdoor arena
  • direct sunlight exposure
  • current weather conditions
  • desired moisture level of the footing

Approximatly the system runs between 10 to 30 minutes per day in short cycles.

How moist does the sand need to be?

This depends on your situation and needs.  There is no scientific moisture value the arena footing must be however the benefit of HIT Active-Aqua is that whatever moisture you require the system will maintain this throughout the entire arena. 

Does the system run on circuits?

Yes, we always design the arena to run on several different circuits.  This greatly reduces the amount of water pressure required.

How many times a day can the system be used?

The control computer allows up to four start times per day, each timed per station.  This gives excellent flexibility for the irrigation schedule allowing all-day moisture control.

Do I need to clean the system?

Yes if the water quality is good you will only need to flush the system once a year.  This is done by opening the ball valves at the end of the collector lines and flushing with water.  If your water contains high amounts of minerals you will need to flush the system annually with a low concentrate acid - we can advise on this.

How do I know if my water quality is good enough for the system?

Prior to installation we will always make an assessment of your water to check it is below the thresholds otherwise an alternative method is installation will be advised.

What water pressure does the HIT Active-Aqua need to operate?

For optimum operation of the system a minimum water pressure of 3 bar (44psi) is required.  Max pressure of 8 bar (116psi).

What is sand capillary and how is it measured?

Capillary action is the transportation of water from beneath the ground to the surface.  Selecting the right sand to enable fast moisture transportation is important.  As the HIT Active-Aqua can be fitted to new and existing arenas we can recommend the appropriate footing to be used.

Can the driplines be installed without the floor grid?

No, the Active-Aqua system only works with the patented floor grid system.  This is because the dedicated grid design ensures effective water distribution and total protection of the driplines against the weight of horses on the surface.

Is it possible to drive on the grid?

Yes you can drive on the grids provided they are completely filled with the first layer of sand.

  • Consistent, efficient, even moisture distribution throughout the entire system.
  • No irrigation overlaps.
  • No down time - always useable even during watering cycles.
  • No water loss to evaporation.
  • Walls, fences and side boards remain dry and therefore less susceptible to rot over time.
Can driplines be repaired?

Yes, should any dripline be defective the grid can be removed without tools to give access to the driplines to be replaced.

Is there a warranty?

Yes the Active-Aqua driplines have a 10 year warranty provided water properties are below the relevant thresholds.  All other hardware has a 2 year warranty.  Jelka will install and commission the system and offer technical assistance, service and maintenance on the Active-Aqua system.

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