See how our stable and paddock feeders can help you reduce forage wastage.

Why use a horse feeder?

  • Slow down the forage intake of horses into smaller more frequent portions.

  • Reduce waste and forage contamination by using a feeder.

  • Reduce the risk of colic and internal parasites by using a feeder

  • Reduced waste of forage means it lasts longer, saving you money in the long run.

Discover more

Paddock Feeders

Hexagonal covered feeder with 12 feed openings

 Light enough to be lifted by 2/3 people over the bale for feeding.

Strong galvanised tubular design with no sharp edges.

Very affordable for smaller users.

  • Total height: 1600mm

  • Weight: 74kg

  • Diameter: approx 2000mm

Round open feeder with tombstone railings - 9 openings

Circular feeder for bale sizes up to 140cm

Tubular galvanised design and covered tombstone railings reduces risk of horses becoming stuck and injuring themselves.

  • Height of feeder is 1000mm

  • External Diameter 1800mm

  • Weight 87kg

Covered square feeder with grille gate and 8 openings

For larger groups of horses and can accommodate big bales.

Openable sides for easy access to deliver a bale

Strong galvanised construction. 

  • 8 feed openings

  • LxWxH: 1500 x 1500 x 2600 mm

  • Weight: 245kg

Stable Feeders

Corner Stations

Horse or pony size corner stations to feed forage at ground level.  Also includes a removable manger.

Traditional Racks

Wall or corner mounted hay racks - various options available.  Please ask!

Wall Feeders

Wall mounted feeders for hay or hard feed.

Including feeders suitable for foals.

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