Hay Steamers

"Full Steam Ahead To A Healthy Horse"

Benefits of Steaming Hay

Horses are nose breathers.

Horses rely on breathing through their noses. Scientific studies show that steamed hay offers considerable advantages for horses. Because horses must breathe through their noses, they are highly vulnerable to respiratory problems triggered by airborne irritants. Dust and mold commonly found in hay can significantly contribute to issues like allergies and equine asthma. Dr. Richard Vetter's research at the University of Kentucky revealed a direct link between dust particles in hay and respiratory ailments such as coughing in horses [1].

Steaming hay provides an effective solution to this problem. By exposing hay to high temperatures and moisture, this process eliminates nearly all (up to 99%) of the particles and allergens that can be inhaled [2]. This reduction in dust and allergens can markedly enhance the respiratory health of horses, making steamed hay an excellent choice for those prone to allergies or equine asthma.


1. Vetter, R. J., Smith, A. M., & Costa, L. R. (2004). An investigation of respirable dust exposure and pneumoconiosis in Kentucky coal miners. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 46(11), 1132-1138.

2. Williams, K. J., & O'Connor, C. M. (2017). The effect of steaming and soaking on the respirable particle, bacteria, mould and nutrient content in hay for horses. Veterinary Record Open, 4(1), e000180.

Supporting Horses with Allergies and Equine Asthma

The advantages of steamed hay, especially when utilizing NUVEQ Hay Steamers, offer significant benefits to horses dealing with allergies and equine asthma. The decrease in dust and allergens resulting from steaming directly contributes to improved respiratory health. Research indicates that providing steamed hay to horses with respiratory issues can lead to better lung function, decreased coughing, and an overall boost in well-being [3].

Steamed hay plays a crucial role in managing equine asthma, also known as heaves. This chronic respiratory condition involves airway inflammation and bronchoconstriction. Steamed hay helps alleviate the triggers that worsen this condition.


3. Couëtil, L. L., Cardwell, J. M., Gerber, V., Lavoie, J. P., Léguillette, R., Richard, E. A., ... & van Erck‐Westergren, E. (2016). Inflammatory airway disease of horses—revised consensus statement. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 30(2), 503-515

Nuveq® Hay Steamers 

  • Effortless to use and refill with water
  • High quality and robust
  • 360 degree steaming
  • No limescale build up
  • Reliable steam generator

See the full list of features

Quick Water Refills

Farewell to messy, time-consuming refills! Our hay steamer comes equipped with a separate water tank, ensuring effortless top-ups. Spend less time dealing with hassles and more time tending to your horses' needs.

Dependable Performance

No more worrying about water depletion! Nuveq hay steamers are designed to 

erasing shutdown concerns and safeguarding your machine. Experience peace of mind throughout every steaming session.

Various Sizes

  Catering to larger hay quantities or storage demands, our generously sized units offer superior capacity and flexibility. Enjoy the added space to satisfy your horse's appetite.


Trust in Quality

  Assembled in-house, Nuveq hay steamers undergo rigorous quality control, assuring reliability, consistency, and durability—ensuring a solid investment for your needs.


Expert Assistance on Hand

  Count on our in-house technical expertise for top-notch customer support and guidance whenever questions or concerns arise.

Quick Start

We understand the need for speed! Our hay steamers spring to life in just 3 minutes. No more waiting around—provide your horses with steamed hay precisely when they crave it.

Limescale Free Maintenance

Our innovative heating element ensures hassle-free upkeep by preventing limescale buildup, saving you valuable time and money. Benefit from Nuveq's cost-effective, worry-free advantages.

Complete Steaming

Achieve thorough results with 360° steaming from both above and below. Your horse's hay always receives uniform steaming for top quality forage.

Built to Last

Our hay steamers are built tough, boasting exceptional durability and a prolonged lifespan. Invest confidently in a product that promises enduring benefits for your horses.  

Always Available

With ample stock on hand, prompt delivery is guaranteed when you need it most. 

Say goodbye to waiting—your hay steamer is just a click away.  

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