HIT Top Clean - Mud Mats


HIT Top Clean is a semi-rigid heavy-duty recycled plastic ground mat specifically designed for horses. Use for trails and track systems, feeding areas, and gateways.
Size: 1140x810x45mm;
Weight: 29kg;
Area: 0.92sqm per mat
Maximum 30 mats to a pallet which covers approx. 27sqm.
A topping of sand is recommended
Installation instructions are available, please ask for them or download them from our website under the company tab.
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    Top Surface

    Raised profiles allow maximum hoof contact and grip whilst allowing drainage of liquids for a drier footing


    Strong cross linked ridges designed to grip the ground and hold the mat firm in the soil with minimal movement


    1140x810x45mm - similar to a EURO pallet

    0.92sqm per mat

    Benefits to your horse

    More time outside

    Mud no longer needs to restrict social time with conspecifics which is vital for mental wellbeing of every horse

    More movement

    Less restrictions by mud and being outside means your horses move a whole lot more, boosting every part of the body

    No more mud!

    Horses often choose to walk on the HIT Top Clean mats to get to their destination! The unique design of the mats helps to clean the hooves, reducing the risks of injury.

    Benefits to you

    Access land all year round

    Poo picking, fencing maintenance or feed transporting no longer requires traversing a muddy rutted track.

    Better land management

    Mud and rain no longer makes the decisions for you.  Plan paddock rest and management always knowing the horses can still go out safely all year round.


    Installation Guide

    1. Level the existing surface by hand or machine and fill in any ruts or hollows in the ground. For best results leave a 1 to 2% slope for surface drainage.
    2. Loosen and level the soil with a rake or machine.  Backfill with soil or small aggregate to fully support the underside of the mats and ensure they sit flat as possible.
    3. Lay the mats with a 1-2cm gap in a masonry configuration (the mats should easily imprint into the loose surface).  Do not install over deep ruts or allow the mats be become unsupported underneath.  Cut to fit with a saw where necessary.
    4. Optionally, spread a layer of sand over the mats (15-18kg of sand per mat to cover the surface).

    If the area you are looking to cover is prone to waterlogging or you expect to regularly drive large tractors or other vehicles over it we recommend installing a more substantial sub-base for longevity.

    Download full instructions here


    As the HIT Top Clean mats are semi flexible they will follow undulations on the ground.  The mats must never be installed over ruts in the ground. Levelling the soil allows the underside of the mat to grip the surface and remain firm.  A slight slope will aid the drainage of rain water.

    This step is very important to allow the entire underside of the mat to “grip” the ground.  HIT Top Clean mats should never be installed on hard/dry ground or over ruts/holes.  An aggregate layer is optional but we strongly recommend it for longevity and stability of the surface particularly with heavy horses and vehicles.  Failure to prepare the ground correctly could result in the mats cracking or breaking from lack of support.

    Gaps allow for drainage between the mats and a small amount of expansion room.  This is more important if you’re covering a large area in the mats.


    Please see the price displayed at the top of this page.  The more horse friendly you can make your project, the better the price! contact us

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