Jelka Disinfectant Cleaner

A powerful formulation proven to simply clean heavily soiled surfaces whilst saving you substantial time and money

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Cleaning innovation for the equine industry

Environmentally friendly chemical technology

Our new cleaner combines the latest sustainable chemical technology with advanced micriolysis process to penetrate and lift out dirt like no other cleaner.

For cleaning stables, walkways, walls, flooring, drinkers, feed buckets, lorries, vet rooms and more...

Learn about micriolysis 

The difference between conventional cleaners and Jelka Disinfect​ant Cleaner

Conventional Cleaners

  • Normal cleaners remove large particles
  • Embedded dirt remains in surface valleys

Jelka Disinfectant Cleaner

  • Jelka Disinfectant Cleaner penetrates through the dirt
  • All embedded dirt is removed

Clear benefits of Jelka Disinfectant Cleaner


Safe for use around people and animals

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Increased productivity and water saving

Deep Cleaning

Increased biosecurity and cleanliness

ECO Credentials

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

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