A Quick & Simple Guide to HIT Active Stable

Natural Horse Keeping and Technology Come Together

What is HIT Active Stable?

The HIT Active Stable a method of keeping horses in groups and managing all their needs with the help of technology.  This means we can give horses a better life without making it harder for us.  HIT Active Stable makes the business of keeping horses efficient, sustainable and profitable.

This infographic shows the key areas within the HIT Active Stable:

Over the last 20 years, hundreds of amazing HIT Active Stable facilities have been planned and built to create optimal environments for our horses to live in.

Feeding stations for horses

In the HIT Active Stable, horses can be fed using technology-assisted feeding systems, saving you a lot of time but trickle feeding the horses all day every day.

There are two types of automatic feeders:

Time Controlled

All horses can access the feeding areas at specific times

Great for small groups

Especially horses with similar nutritional needs

Horse Controlled

Every horse has an individual "allowance" per day

Great for larger groups

Especially where there are many different needs

There are also have non-automated feeding racks, available in various sizing, which is ideal for use with slow feed nets.

Learn more about HIT Active Stable feeding systems here

HIT Water Troughs provide constant access to clean and fresh water, and all drinkers are insulated and have options for heating to ensure water access during the winter.

Rest and Relax

HIT Active Stable rest areas are designed to provide safe and comfortable areas for the horses to relax while keeping bedding and labour requirements to a minimum. Either the whole rest area, or just certain sections, can be covered with horse mattresses, or SoftBeds, to ensure all horses have an area to sleep or shelter from poor weather.

Why is SoftBed so good for rest areas?

  • In the wild, horses prefer a dry, and soft surface to lie down on, and SoftBed recreates this environment!
  • SoftBed mats have a fully sealed layer of foam and are designed to support the horse’s joints, so they encourage horses to rest and sleep.
  • They also allow for less bedding to be used – which saves money and labour while also reducing the dust content in the air.

Learn more about HIT Active Stable rest areas here

Trails and Play Areas

A track system is used to encourage movement and stimulate natural behaviour. Careful planning and placement of the various areas can motivate movement, and much like the horse’s natural environment, these trails can feature logs, trees, rocks, steps, and much more. There are plentiful areas for the horses to roll and just enjoy living as a herd.

Horses travel approximately 10 to 15 km per day in the track system (compared to just 1-2 km in a traditional stabling system).

What materials are used for flooring and surfaces?

  • Heavy-duty ground mats, designed to stabilise the ground, are used to provide grip in areas that could otherwise become muddy.
  • Sand is the most common material used in combination with the mats, however, larger aggregates can also be used.

Learn more about HIT Active Stable flooring solutions here

Frequently Asked Questions About HIT Active Stable (FAQs)
  • What if I have a few horses that must be stabled individually?

The HIT Active Stable method of horse keeping can work alongside traditional stabling if there are some horses that require individual stabling (for example, if they require special attention or recovery time). Individual stables can also us automatic feeding technology for forage and concentrates.

  • How much space do I need for a track system?

A track system should allow a minimum of 100 square metres per horse, plus space for shelters, feeding equipment, etc.

  • How do I clean the shelters and flooring?

Horses can be trained to use designated areas to go to the toilet which greatly reduces the time spent on manual clean-up.  Depending on the type of ground covering, machines can be used to muck out large areas.  In shelters, SoftBeds can be easily cleaned with a shovel or high-pressure hose. 

As official UK consultants of HIT Active Stable, we are here to answer your queries and plan your project.

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