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Take a sneak peek at the Active Stable automated combi feeder for forage and concentrates

Gallery: Automatic Combi Feeder for the Active Stable

One of the most crucial functions of the Active Stable is accurate, individualised and safe feeding for every horse in your care.

What is special about the Combi Feeder?

Unique to the Combi Feeder, it allows the operator to automatically feed forage and concentrates from a single station.  This feeder is a good choice for small and large Active Stables due to its flexibility for feeding many horses by computer.

What does the Combi Feeder look like?

Constructed from a galvanised steel frame with a choice of plastic or wood boarding the Combi Feeder is extremely strong and robust.  In addition, the concentrate feed silo and sliding forage feeder are made from stainless steel for durability and biosecurity.  In reality, the Combi Feeder is covered by a roof or overhand from another building.  See these images:

Combi Feeder from the outside:

Choice of design for feed station orientation and roof structure is endless:

How does the Combi Feeder work with the transponder and computer?

The horse tries to enter the feeding station and the computer recognises the individual horse by the small transponder attached.  The computer allows the horse entry to the feeder via rubber swing doors.  Once inside the rubber swing doors shut to prevent interference by other horses.  Concentrate feed falls into the small hopper to the left or right of the passage (depending on configuration) and the forage access is permitted for a period of time determined by the operator per horse.  Once finished the forage access will close and the horse can exit the feed station.

Benefits of the Combi Feeder:
  • Individualised feeding of every horse in the herd.

  • Easy management of a large herd of horses.

  • Saves you time and reduces wasted feed. 

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