Project: Komfortex flooring in 8 Turnout Pens

Find out why Komfortex makes a great floor for safe outdoor turnout

Komfortex flooring in 8 turnout pens

Our client runs a first-class dressage training and stud facility in the UK.  The 8 occupants of the stables required additional space for their mental and physical stimulation.  When the flooring was required for the turnout pens several years ago the floor of choice was a pour on rubber.

Under constant use, some areas started degrading which resulted in a higher risk of injury to the horses.  See images below:

What makes the Komfortex flooring ideal for this turnout pen project?

  • Improved slip resistance - Komfortex is subjected to slip resistance testing and the results are consistent in both wet and dry conditions.  This is important as the horses access the turnout in both conditions.

  • Weather-proof, frost-proof and permeable - As the turnout pens are permanently outside this is an important feature to consider.  Rain is able to drain away and frost/cold temperatures will not damage the flooring.  

  • Resistant to urine - Komfortex has a strong resistance to ammonia and other compounds in urine.  Also, Komfortex can be cleaned with light detergents or steam cleaner.

  • Environmentally friendly - made from 100% recycled rubber material that is TUV-tested and non-toxic.  Being pre-manufactured the Komfortex is much stronger than conventional rubber surfaces.

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