New stables with Comfortstall

See our latest project with Comfortstall stable flooring

Did you know there was such a thing as a veterinary-approved stable floor? Well, here is Comfortstall, a superior stable flooring system with many benefits for your horse and you.  Our client needed a high-quality flooring system to adequately care for the horses including a veteran.

Here's why Comfortstall was an obvious choice for our client:

  • Musculoskeletal - orthopaedic foam underneath a sealed rubber surface provides anti-fatigue support to ligaments, tendons and joints.  

  • Respiratory - bedding quantity can be drastically reduced (or even to zero) which in turn reduces dust exposed to the horse.

  • Rest and recovery - for the resting horses, a soft, padded and anti-slip surface provides the most effective way to rest and recover from exercise or injury.

  • Savings and efficiency - Comfortstall can easily pay for itself within 2 years by savings on bedding, labour and removal costs.

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