No-slip rubber walkway

Safety must be the number 1 priority for the horse owner - slip-resistant flooring is a good first step to take.

The project: rubber for stable walkway

Horses are valuable animals and take a huge amount of your time, effort and money to train, care for and maintain.  Our client had the experience of a horse slipping on the concrete walkway and this is why they chose Jelka to install a rubber flooring into the walkway to make it safer for the horses.

The product: interlocking penny top mat

One of our recommended products for walkways is the interlocking penny top mat due to its versatility, durability and slip-resistance.  As this particular mat features a penny grip surface on the top and bottom of the mat, this allows plenty of transverse drainage in the walkway towards the drain in the centre.  Most importantly the penny top surface is extremely grippy which makes the surface a lot safer for the horses to walk on and gives the horse and rider confidence.

Here's what the client says:

"You have done a great job in our stables, it's definitely a lot safer for our horses! Thank you!"

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