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See how our clients keep their horses safe with Top Clean ground mats...

See how our clients use the Top Clean mats in paddocks, turnout pens, trails and feeding areas.


Creating an all-weather paddock easy with Top Clean as it can be laid with and without a hardcore sub-base.  Top Clean keeps the paddock area clean and dry for the horses allowing them to exercise freely and naturally.  Paddocks like this are particularly good for horses that are laminitis prone as they can exercise outside with regulated forage access.

Turnout Pens

Turnout pens are great for extending the size of your stables to allow the horse extra space to move.  In particular, turnout pens with Top Clean are easy to install and benefits stabled horses who are integrating into the Activestable herd or stabled horses in recovery.


Trails are a very important part of the Activestable and other track systems.  The Top Clean is very heavy duty and designed to be used straight onto soil or with a sub-base.  The Top Clean mats are then covered in a thin layer of sand up to a depth of your choice.  Trails including multiple bends and slight slopes are perfect for the Top Clean mat.  Cleaning can be done with a machine and brush/rubber scraper or manually.

Feeding Areas

Stationed around the trails, feeding areas are important places for the horses.  Feeding areas are high traffic due to the frequency of horses visiting however this is not a problem for the Top Clean.  Also, the ease of cleaning is important in these areas as it can be done quickly by machine or manually.

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No-slip rubber walkway
Safety must be the number 1 priority for the horse owner - slip-resistant flooring is a good first step to take.