Haygain Steamers

One | 600 | 2000

The only scientifically proven way to purify hay and reduce the health threat from respirable dust, mould spores and pathogens.

Benefits of Haygain:

Respiratory Health

High-temperature steaming reduces airborne respirable dust in hay and haylage by up to 90%.  This helps avoid damaging exposure to respirable dust and acts a long term preventative to inflammation.


Steaming hay is a great way to increase water content to offset dehydration.  Depending on water content and maturity of the forage, steaming can increase the water content by almost 3 times.


Forage is the largest portion of a horse's diet and can also be the biggest source of skin allergies.  In reducing the amount of dust, mould, fungi and bacteria in forage can help horses that are sensitive or suffering from allergies.

Digestive Health

Steamed, clean, palatable forage encourages horses to eat forage they are given.  This means less waste for you and savings in the long run.  Also, in removing up to 99% of dust, mould and fungi in forage, the horse's digestive tract is not exposed to these potentially harmful pathogens.  


Four independent palatability studies demonstrated that steamed hay was more palatable and on most occasions the preferred choice over dry hay and haylage.


Steamed forage benefits all the vital parts of the horse including the respiratory system, digestion system, hydration and diet.  Reducing pathogens in forage results in a huge impact on performance as proven by many world-class riders, trainers and vets globally.

Haygain ONE

  • The ideal travel unit for shows and competitions.

  • Fits a 7kg haynet or loose wedges of forage

  • Feeds one horse, also great for the yard.


Haygain 600

  • The most popular Haygain model.

  • Feeds 2 - 3 horses

  • Holds up to 15 kg of forage in a haynet or loose wedges.


Haygain 2000
  • Powered by one boiler and two patented spiked manifolds

  • Feeds 4+ horses

  • Holds up to 35-40kg of forage or fully strung bale


Have you thought... what else will benefit stabled horses?

How does the Haygain Steamer work?

Developed and tested with The University of Bristol and The Royal Agricultural University.  The Haygain steamer has three unique features.

Patented manifold system - designed in a deltoid configuration to injecting high-temperature steam into the hay resulting in even steaming throughout the entire bale.

Thermal double insulated chest - enables steam to reach and maintain ultra-high temperatures around 100oC.  The aluminium manifold helps raise the temperature of the chest resulting in a high-efficiency unit.

Robust steam generator - ensures steam reaches 100oC to effectively kill mould, fungi, bacteria and reduce respirable dust particles by 99%.

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How does steaming fit into a daily routine?

Steaming hay with Haygain is very easy and takes about an hour to complete.  The steamer can be fitted with a timer to turn off at the right time.

Steamed hay can be fed straight away or left in a Haygain Bale Bag or clean environment for 24 hours.  This means you can steam in advance.

Want to give Haygain a try? We offer a "try before you buy" service so you can test the steamer is the right option for you.  Arrange a trial with us.

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