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LAC 5 Drinker with Float Valve
Universal cast iron drinking bowl with a constant water level up to 6.5l/min
Large capacity: 5 liters.
Stainless steel valve cover.
Drain plug is removable without tools.
Connection on horizontal ¾” tube.
Can be connected on a vertical ½” tube or from the bottom with accessories
£ 138.00 138.0 GBP
A352 Protection for LAC10
Protection frame in galvanised steel suitable for LA BUVETTE drinking bowls F11, FORSTAL, F30, F30A, F130, LAC 5 and LAC 10.
Allows corner mounting - fits brackets A-331
£ 132.00 132.0 GBP
LAC 10 drinking bowl with float valve
Synthetic drinking bowl with with a float valve providing a constant water level at 8L/min (3bar)
New material: more rigid and as strong as ever.
Sturdy and durable stainless steel cover guarantees increased reliability.
Adjustable water level.
Quick cleaning without the use of tools through Ø 35 mm drain plug.
Connection ½" (15x21) from the bottom.
Fixings and hardware not included.
£ 88.80 88.8 GBP
Antifreeze isothermal trough without electricity, ideal for places without running water and where frost can occur.
Made from UV resistant food-safe HDPE
Anti-freeze protection down to -15C with polyethylene-foam filled walls
Holds 250 litres of water
Dimensions: 1000mm x 650mm
£ 924.00 924.0 GBP