Horse Keeping - A Dual Concept

How does natural horse keeping fit with traditional stabling systems?

Horse Keeping - A Dual Concept

Traditional stabling in the form of a barn or individual stables of approximately 12ft x 12ft is a very popular method of horse keeping going back centuries.  We refer to this as the traditional concept.  However, in recent years many horse owners have questioned the traditional method which has prompted a change in thinking globally.  Our answer for this is the Activestable concept.

Large open stable for competition horse

The benefits of traditional horse keeping

Horses that are very valuable or require special attention or recovery time etc can be done under one roof.  Most importantly diet management and control.  

It's also complete shelter from wind and rain making it a safe and secure environment for the horses.

Secure stables as night pens

The benefits of natural horse keeping

Horses need large amounts of exercise and social interaction to remain healthy which is possible when outdoors.

Naturally, horses are wild herd animals and generally instinctively take to this environment.

Stable and turnout alongside Activestable track

How can a dual concept work?

A dual traditional/Activestable concept is possible where the need arises.  For example a competition rider with young stock, veterans (Activestable) and competition horses (traditional).

Both concepts can work alongside each other to benefit both horse and owner.

Here are some examples of dual traditional/Activestable concepts working alongside each other:

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